Install Nesstool to Stop Getting Tutuapp Revoked

You had been utilizing an apps from third-party app retailers for a lengthy time but abruptly it stopped functioning. You could not figure out what happened. Well, the third-celebration apps from option shops are topic to acquiring revoked. Thankfully, you can effortlessly avert this scenario by using a VPN tool. Nesstool is a superb VPN app that will support the apps from crashing or acquiring revoked. In this guide we will tell you how to install Nesstool on your iOS. Enjoy reading!

INstall Nestool Tutuapp 2018
Nestool 2018 – Anti Revoked

If you have not installed Tutuapp for ios. Verify the installation guide provided beneath. If you already have tutuapp, you need to delete it and set up it once more making use of the installation guide under. Please note that, the older version would no longer help this app.

Download & Set up Nesstool for iOS Without Jailbreak:

  • First, download and set up tutuapp ios right here
  • Open TutuApp from the property screen.
  • If you are opening the app for the initial time, a welcome screen will appear. Maintain sliding until you see the ‘Start Now’ button. Tap this button.
  • Close the ad if you see it.
  • A prompt will now appear asking you to install Nesstool. Tap the ‘Install Now’ button.
  • Tap ‘Install’ again when the confirmation prompt seems.
  • The app will be installed and the icon will be added to the device property screen.
  • Tap the Nesstool app’s icon. You ought to see the warning message “Untrusted Enterprise Developer.’ We need to have to get the app certificate signed like before.
  • Tap ‘Cancel’.
  • Go to Settings >> General >> Profiles and Device Management.
  • Tap the Nesstool iOS app profile in the ‘Enterprise Apps’ section. The profile name is ‘iPhone Distribution: Morton Metal Spinning Inc’.
  • Tap ‘Trust “iPhone Distribution: Morton Metal Spinning Inc’”.
  • Tap ‘Trust’ again when the prompt seems.

Now go back to the property screen and run the Nesstool app. Tap the circular button in the middle to get the app began. An additional confirmation prompt will seem saying ‘”Nestool” Would Like to Add VPN Configurations.” You need to tap “Allow”

This is all you want to do. You now have Nesstool VPN app operating on your iOS device. Your apps will now stay prevented from obtaining revoked or from crashing.

Alternative app: You can also use applications like Antirevoke or Anti lock to stop apps receiving revoked or crashed on your iOS device.


Apple’s App Retailer is quite great but we know that it does not have all the apps we would like to set up and use. This is the cause why we want to take the support of third-party marketplaces such as TutuApp. The alternative app stores are superb. But, the issue is that the tweaked apps they have usually get revoked. The apps from such shops frequently crash also. By installing NessTool  you can stop Tutuapp getting revoke by Apple.